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Unleash your introvert potential

Virtual school for building communication skills.

Become a confident, charismatic conversationalist.

What skills do you want to build?

storytelling course main

Connect with Anyone Virtual Course

Want your ideas to be heard, sound persuasive but not sales-like and become the person people love listening to? Then this course is for you. In just a few sessions you'll be able to win everyone's attention and get your ideas through like never before.

Skills built
storytelling; confidence; connecting; persuasion; attention-grabbing; interest-building; inspiration; selling; illustration; simplification

storytelling gym skillsme

Storytellers' Gym

Want to get into the habit of telling amazing stories? This storytelling club will give you all the practice you need. Exercise with us and enjoy the difference in your storytelling abilities. As a bonus, you'll also get better at speaking from the spot.

Skills built
storytelling; confidence; fast-thinking; speaking on the spot; influence; persuasion; interest-building; selling; connecting; improvisation


What makes studying
with Skillsme so great?

Build skills, not useless theory

Everything taught at Skillsme aims to help YOU build the skills YOU need for success. 

By building we mean actually building them together during class time, not telling you how to do it and hope for the best. 

So once your learning is finished, you should be ready to apply your new skills in life!

Interact & have fun

Learning at Skillsme is full of interactive activities, many of which are done in groups with other participants. 

You will learn while having fun with others, make connections with interesting like-minded people and turn those connections into meaningful friendships. 

Friendly environment

For us, mistakes are part of the learning, so you will never be judged for making them. 

Surrounded by learners like yourself and a trainer who will be there to support, motivate and help you with your struggles you will find yourself in a friendly supportive environment with plenty of opportunities to shine and be your best self.


What others say

5 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot

Ameva D.

Project Manager, Paris

"I have really enjoyed course offered by Skillsme Academy! Very efficient and cost-effective, animated in a fun and positive way. I definitely recommend it to anyone in need of storytelling skills, structure and ease."

Dr. Elizaveta C.

Lawyer, Moscow

"Storytelling for presenting and Life course has given me confidence and experience to stay focused and create well-structured stories even without preparation. The course can be helpful to a wide range of people because our lives are stories we create and we need to be able to share them. Learn how to do it amazingly at Skillsme Academy 😁"

Dr. Gaiane O.

Economics Professor, London

"I highly recommend [Skillsme] course! Amazing material and subject conducted in a very fun and appealing way. Our course leader was fantastic and very professional, she helped me understand the areas of improvement in my verbal communication. I will definitely use the skills I have learnt in my professional life." 

Emile K.

Astrophysics PhD Student

"Skillsme teaches you how to get your point across without losing the attention of the audience. Structure, delivery, vocal variety, emotions and ethics - every aspect of storytelling is covered in their [Storytelling] course, which is why I highly recommend taking it!"

Simon T.

Author & Business Consultant, London

"I am so glad that I attended [Skillsme] course because it’s helped me grow. Skillsme are Storytelling experts. They taught me the finer details of how to create, structure and narrate a compelling story that can effectively engage an audience. Their sessions are very insightful and excellent for someone starting off with zero knowledge on how to effectively tell a story that captivates and inspires an audience. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in taking their communications skills to the next level."

Kristina S.

Spanish Teacher & Public Speaker

"Amazed by Skillsme Academy. Diana [Academy Founder] is a very high quality professional who puts a lot of energy and knowledge into her classes. I sincerely recommend Skillsme Academy for those who understand that using facts alone won't be enough if you want to become an effective communicator and make people "buy" what you sell"



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