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Have you ever had problems with communication?

Some of these thoughts may be familiar to you...

Have you ever had problems with communication?

Some of these thoughts may be familiar to you...

What if i say something wrong? What will they think about me? How do I start a conversation? If only I was more confident! People never listen to me… Can I just stay silent forever?
What if i say something wrong? How do I start a conversation? People never listen to me…

"I can't do this..."

What will they think about me? If only I was more confident! Can I just stay silent forever?

It’s time to become confident in your communication skills

Each of us is different, and so are our self-development journeys. Working on your social skills is always a good idea, and yet courses may sometimes be insufficient to handle common issues. 

Meanwhile, one-on-one communication coaching benefits your personal needs, as there is absolutely NOTHING YOU CAN’T DO to improve your skills.

Our skilled and eloquent public speaker, trainer and coach can help you overcome any soft skills-related situation you are currently dealing with.

One to One Coaching sessions with Diana Robertson


Diana Robertson

Diana Robertson is an award-winning speaker, communication skills trainer, TEDx freelance speaker & coach and founder of Skillsme Academy.

Fee: from £172/h (~$207)

Communication training with Diana will help you with...

Communicating with confidence
Creating interactive educational content, such as workshops, classes, webinars and courses (online or in-person)
Sharing engaging stories with transformational power for personal and business branding, sales, educating, change management and more
Media training and social media presence. Speaking on shows, interviews and podcasts. Shooting videos for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok
Public speaking and presenting for various occasions, such as keynotes, work presentations, pitching or giving a wedding toast
Dealing with multicultural audiences and presenting in non-native languages
Virtual presence and speaking on camera
Effective communication, energy management and leadership techniques for introverts
Preparing your TEDx speech
Creating visual design of presentations

Diana's story

Having been a shy introvert herself, she has now devoted her life to helping people unleash their potential with the power of interpersonal skills.

Results Diana is proud of

Her student, Zhao, a startup founder who had great experiences but struggled to present them. After working with Diana she presented a stunning TEDx speech full of inspiring stories from her entrepreneurial journey.
Her trainee, Umair, a charity worker who used to be shy and said very little. It was very difficult to have a conversation with him but after training sessions with Diana, he learnt to sound more confident and started to share his emotions which uncovered what an incredibly interesting person he was. It helped him engage with more people and create meaningful lasting conversations.
Her mentee, Lisa, an economics professor who often got sidetracked in both day-to-day conversations and her presentations. After mentoring, she became an incredible presenter with powerful storytelling skills that won her several awards and made her the popular lecturer she is today.

Qualifications, education and awards

South UK’s Humorous Public Speaking Finalist and second-place winner at the International Public Speaking Championship at Division Level (London) in 2021. Awarded by Toastmasters International
Public Speaking Diploma from St Petersburg School of TV and certificates in Drama, Improv and Standup Comedy
Qualified in Instructional Design and Curriculum Writing for E-Learning
Certified Storytelling and Business Storytelling trainer
Presentation Mastery, Engaging Humour and Competent Communicator qualifications from Toastmasters International
Train-the-Trainer and Coaching courses
Advanced Visual Design of Presentations Certificate
Graduated from Bayes Business School with First Honours BSc degree in Investment & Financial Risk Management, UK


Diana has 12 years of teaching experience and 5 years of communication training experience
Spoke on TEDx stage in London in 2022
Presented at dozens of conferences including Project Management Institute’s Global Virtual Series (10k+ attendees)
Held skill training workshops for over 20 universities in the UK and the US
Organised the largest public speaking conference in Europe in 2020
Created her signature Skillsme course Connect with Anyone on Storytelling
A frequent guest at shows and podcasts
Founded Skillsme Academy in 2019
Diana Robertson, communication coach

Our coaching was created for...


Good communications skills are a must if you want to achieve success. Nervous about presenting in front of your co-workers? Want to get your ideas heard during work meetings? Need to prepare for future business negotiations? We’ve got you!

Leaders and Entrepreneurs

As a leader it’s important to portray confidence in front of your team, clients and investors. To know how to build a stong connection with your employees. To sound persuasive so that people want to follow your lead. If effective communication is what you’re striving for, one-on-one coaching will fullfull all your needs.

Presenters & Public Figures

Whether you’re getting nervous about being in spotlight, want to improve your public speaking skills or just need some help preparing for your next performance, our coaches will be there to save the day!

Students & Job Seekers

Job interviews and assessment centres ahead? Worried about not being able to show your greatest side? Get overwhelmed when you’re asked an unexpected question? Self-presentation is a key for getting your dream job. And we will make sure you put your best foot worfard.

... and anybody interested in personal and professional growth!

A word from those who have already transformed their lives:

"Diana coached me prior to my TEDx speech and she offered me rehearsals and practice hours based on my needs. She was spontaneous and responsible. Her communication style was heartwarming yet authentic. Her advice was practical, which demonstrated her ability as an experienced public speaker as well as an exceptional speech coach. I'd recommend anyone who wants to practice public speaking or any other soft skills to work with Diana and gain lifetime benefits. I wish her all the best and look forward to working with her again in the recent future!

Zhaomian Z.

Founder & CEO, London

LI Profile

"I’m deeply appreciative and grateful to Aaron! He is an incredible dedicated coach/public speaking trainer. He's extremely talented and carries such high integrity of a caring coach. Aaron has the best sense of humour. He makes you feel at ease and relax while guiding you very firmly. I felt supported and feel forever grateful for his guidance and leadership during my preparation for Tedx talk. Aaron has made a significant difference in my public speaking and achieving my goals in preparing for TEDx. I highly recommend Aaron to anyone interested in getting their public speaking skills up"

Hana Khalaf

Therapist & Coach, Canada

LI Profile

"Thank you again Irina Suvorova! I couldn't have asked for a better coach for this TEDx speaking opportunity. You have such insightful perspectives on speaking that I wouldn't ordinarily look at! I highly recommend your TEDx and other speaking coaching services!

Eve Sylvie A.

Keynote & TEDx Speaker

LI Profile

"I'm always amazed by Skillsme Academy's trainers. They put so much energy and knowledge into theirs classes. I sincerely recommend Skillsme Academy for anyone who wants to upgrade their communications skills"

Kristina S.

Client Manager, Spanish Teacher & Award-Winning Public Speaker

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