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Learn to speak when there is no time to think!

Interactive Virtual Course

Our students  background

Every time I'm asked to speak on the spot...

Every time I'm asked to speak on the spot...

talking on the spot

It doesn’t have to stay this way!

Did you know that thinking on your feet is a learnable skill?

Really, you read that right.

If you’re not born with it, you can obtain it, even in adulthood.

And we’ve developed this course specially for that!

Here is what you’ll be able to do after taking it:

Stay confident and in charge at any speaking opportunity
Find the right words to express yourself fast
Answer unexpected questions like a pro
Engage in small talk and never run out of things to say
Speak like a natural even if you’re totally unprepared 😎

"[Skillsme trainer] Aaron helped me boost my confidence when talking in front of the crowd. I learned to improvise and stopped losing words when asked hard questions... I highly recommend him to others who are interested in getting their speaking skill level up!"

Emilie So

Classroom English Teacher

LI Profile

Let's start your transformation!

This course was created for...


Whether you’re on a Zoom call with a client or at an in-person team meeting, ability to speak on the spot can save you in so many situations and get your voice heard.

Leaders and Entrepreneurs

As a leader it’s important to portray confidence in front of your team, clients and investors. Last thing you want is to scratch your head and lose control when you’re in front of these people!

Presenters, Teachers & Public Figures

Whether you’re dreading unexpected questions you might get asked during your presentation or getting nervous about being in spotlight on the TV, radio, podcast or any other media, the skill of impromptu speaking will be there to save your day!

Students and Job Seekers

Job interviews and assessment centres ahead? Terrified you may get asked something you haven’t prepared for? Don’t want to forget the words during the most important moment? Then this is definitely for you!

... and anybody interested in personal and professional growth!

Course Format

Date & Time

The video lessons are available on demand and can be watched on a self-paced basis.

2) PRACTICE SESSIONS (applies if you're going for Master of Impromptu or Impromptu Pro)

Days: The practice sessions are run online on alternate Saturdays on Zoom. Check the schedule here.

Time: 16:00-17:00 London (UK) timing
Different time zone? Check your local timing here.

Total Flexibility


If for any reason you decide not to continue with the course, just claim a full refund within 14 days from the moment of purchase! You can learn more about refund terms at the checkout page.


Everything is self-paced (both the video lessons and the practice sessions).

START DATE: anytime

Meet your trainer:
Aaron Leung

International Impromptu Champion & TEDx Coach

When Aaron started his personal communication skills building journey he was carrying the fear of communicating with other people, building trust and getting his ideas accepted. He worked very hard and his efforts have paid off: he has transformed himself from being an unconfident introvert to an international speaker & TEDx Coach....

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During his journey he has presented in over 100 countries and trained some of the finest Fortune500 companies and renowned universities. He also has won over 100+ public speaking contests, eventually becoming a Global Champion in Impromptu Speaking in 2019.

Aaron’s mission is to help people find their voices to connect the world, which gave birth to his own ideology - Connecting your voices, Creating your choice. As part of his mission he trains orphans, refugees, terminally-ill patients prisons (for rehabilitated prisoners) and people who are specially abled in public speaking. Their stories, he says, redeem a glimpse of hope, remove stereotyping labels and fill the community with empathy and compassion to trust again. There is limited lifespan in each of us, and Aaron wishes to make it count to start appreciating each other for who they are, while feeling hopeful again.

How much?

Impromptu Basic

Engaging video lessons (4 hours total) covering everything you need to know about Impromptu Speaking
Access to course materials for 3 months 
Understand the importance and application of impromptu speaking
Discover how to deal with nerves and always stay in control
Learn to visualise, plan and speak like a natural when there's no time to prepare your answer 
Learn the basics of public speaking

£199 £149

Master of Impromptu

What's included in Impromptu Basic plus:
Access to virtual practice sessions to apply your newly learnt skills on real people. This is the most effective and the fastest way to build & solidify your communication skills.
Valuable personalised feedback
Real-time interaction with peers and an experienced instructor
Minimum 70% practice time
Friendly supportive environment
A like-minded community
Small virtual classroom (20 ppl max)
Additional 3 months access to the course materials, making it six months in total.

£249 £199

Impromptu Pro

What's included in Master of Impromptu plus:
Pocket coach: call your trainer when most in need. Whether you have an important presentation or are about to have a difficult conversation with your boss you'll always have the support of a "pocket" coach! You can ring your trainer for a 15-mins conversation anytime during their available hours for a 6 months period to help you with challenging speaking opportunities.
A forever unlimited access to the course materials

£349 £299

What our students say

5 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews

5 out of 5 stars on Facebook

4.6 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot

"Aaron is an amazing speaker and I have learned a lot from him through the years of how to be confident and strong as well as accept myself for the speaker that I am and what I bring to the table. I am grateful to all that Aaron does for other speakers line myself"

Trisha Trixie Hunter-Miller

Author & Inspirational Speaker, USA

LI Profile

"I’m deeply appreciative and grateful for Aaron! He is an incredible dedicated coach/public speaking trainer. He's extremely talented and carries such high integrity of a caring coach. Aaron has the best sense of humour. He makes you feel at ease and relax while guiding you very firmly. I felt supported and feel forever grateful for his guidance and leadership during my preparation for Tedx talk. Aaron has made a significant difference in my public speaking and achieving my goals in preparing for Tedx. I highly recommend Aaron to anyone interested in getting their public speaking skills up"

Hana Khalaf

Therapist & Coach, Canada

LI Profile

"Aaron brings his delightful sense of fun to every meeting. His humour is never snarky or cruel, and serves to help others relax and enjoy the time spent together. Particularly in meetings, where we have people who are afraid to speak out loud in front of others, who are tense and anxious, the value of having a playful leader, like Aaron, is appreciated. Aaron sets a calm and inviting atmosphere where others feel comfortable" 

Eve Sylvie Alexander

Author, USA

LI Profile

"A wonderful soul! Aron Leung is such a caring and helping trainer, and coach! Thank you Aaron for sharing your invaluable time! I build a better me because of you"

Lalith Manage

Co-Director & Lecturer, Sri Lanka

LI Profile

Ready to join them?

What you'll learn in each lesson

Part 1:
The Meeting Point

Introduction to how the course works and getting to know your trainer.

Part 2:
The Roadmap

Learn where and how impromptu works while re-discovering yourself and your speaking styles.

Part 3:
Sharpening Your Tools

Learn the basic tools behind authentic public speaking. Solidify the learned techniques with practices and exercises along the way.

Part 4:
The Encounters

Learn how to build on the mindset of facing uncertainties. Discover your own and other people’s speaking styles. Build and refine yours.

Part 5:
The Hike

Learn how to turn your speech from something ordinary to extraordinary, from something chunky to something memorable, from a speech to The Speech.

Part 6:
The Sunrise and Sunset

Learn to impress and dazzle your stage, any stage. Find and identify your speaking purpose. Discover how one’s speech can be passed on as an everlasting legacy.

Part 7:
Till We Meet Again

Learn about the power of empathy in words, sensitivity and cross-cultural understanding. Take the next steps  from being an impromptu speaker to becoming a confident leader through the art of public speaking.

And you'll get a certificate!

Add Skillsme certificate to your CV! Impress your employers with a qualification in soft skills. Every students who completes all the video lessons and attends at least six practice sessions receives a certificate of completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the course format?

The course consists of two parts: theory and practice. The theory comes in a form of videos that you can watch at your own pace. Bear in mind that learning the theory without applying it isn't enough to gain any skill, which is why it's best to join practice sessions as well. The practice sessions are held once every two weeks online in real-time on Zoom. Basic Impromptu only includes the theoretical part while Master of Impromptu and Impromptu Pro include both theory and practice.

When and where do the sessions take place?

The video lessons are available on demand. The practice sessions run online 16:00-17:00 London (UK) on alternate Saturdays. See the schedule here. You can start your learning anytime.

What happens if I miss a session?

You won't miss any theoretical knowledge as you will have access to video lessons with the theory that you can watch in your own time. As for missing a practice session, just come to another one! We recommend attending at least six sessions for best results. The practice sessions are not recorded.

What are the technical requirements?

A stable internet connection. For practice sessions you'll also need a device with working camera and microphone and an installed Zoom app downloadable for free from here.

Can I do the course at my own pace?

Absolutely. You can watch the theory in your own time in a video format and attend any of the online practice sessions that fit around your schedule (check the schedule of practice sessions here). It's not a problem if you can't attend all of them and there is no particular order in which they should be attended. However, the general rule stands: the more practice sessions you attend the faster you'll see the results.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes you do! You get an online certificate of completion that you can add to your CV to show off your new soft skills. To qualify, complete all the video lessons and attend at least six practice sessions.

So, are you ready to start speaking on the spot like a natural?

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