Learn to Speak on the Spot
[Interactive Training]

Do you want to learn the secrets behind speaking well in any situation even when you're totally unprepared?

To be able to answer even the most unexpected questions

To stay confident no matter what?

In this session, you'll be practicing sharing personal and professional stories and refining your storytelling techniques to be able to engage and connect with anyone.

Our attendees report:

No more nerve-racking moments trying to recollect words

No more stress during social event

And no more awkward silences!

All the learning is done in small groups and a friendly supportive environment. You'll also be getting personalised feedback to help you develop the skill of impromptu speaking even faster.

This class is part of Impromptu Speaking for Success programme. The first entry is free!

Meet Your Trainer: Aaron Leung

Aaron Leung is an international dynamic speaker, TEDx coach and a global Impromptu Speaking Champion. He has presented his TEDx speeches at TEDxYouth@DIA in February 2023 and at TEDxSongshanlake in July 2023. He has also coached several speakers at TEDx events globally, including TEDxYouthBrookGreen in October 2022 and many others.

​Having been an introverted person who doesn’t like to share, he has now dedicated himself to making a difference in people's lives, helping them find their own voices and transforming thousands of talented speakers all around the world.

What is Skillsme?

Skillsme, a soft skills academy, (UK) (skillsme.co.uk) helps people develop outstanding communication skills to achieve more out of life, be it passing a job interview, acing the first date, or successfully pitching for investment.

Our students said:

"When I started, I was a very bad storyteller. People would often not listen to my stories till the end, interrupt me or get distracted. Then I participated in Skillsme Academy's Storytelling gym with course, they became the game changer for me. There was a minimum of useless talking and a maximum of learning and practice. But what I enjoyed the most is that now I fell in love with telling stories because my delivery has changed so much that people want to listen to me more and more! Thank you so much Skillsme Academy!"  Anastasia B.

Don’t delay your growth. Become an inspiring charismatic communicator today!

Learn about the full Impromptu Speaking for Success programme  here.


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