Leadership skills may benefit you in all parts of your work, from job hunting to promotion. Leadership is one of several soft talents that companies admire that anybody can develop and practice over time. In this week’s blog we’ll briefly cover what leadership is, traits that good leaders possess, and a few of our favourite leadership courses to help you develop your own leadership potential.

Leadership Defined: What is Leadership? 

An individual’s or a group’s capacity to influence and guide other members of an organisation is referred to as leadership. A leader is someone who is able to encourage a group of people to execute tasks to achieve a shared goal. Making smart, and often tough, choices, communicating a clear vision, defining attainable objectives, and equipping others with the information and skills they need to reach those goals are all part of leadership. Leadership refers to a set of qualities that operate together, including, empathy, positivity, teamwork, charisma, reliability, creativity, and many other qualities. 

Any company needs effective leaders. They can help businesses develop effective teams and complete projects, initiatives, and other tasks successfully. Good leaders have good interpersonal and communication skills, and anybody can develop these qualities.

The effects of successful and incompetent leaders are well known. Good leaders inspire their teams, foster a pleasant atmosphere, and eliminate hurdles. Good leadership inspires others to adopt good leadership characteristics in their own work.

Top Leadership Courses in the UK 

Unleash your inner leader with these fantastic leadership courses

Stanford LEAD Online Business Program

The course, led by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, is aimed at mid and senior level professionals, leaders who want to improve their leadership and management abilities, as well as aspiring leaders looking to learn about the fundamentals of effective leadership. The Stanford LEAD Online Business Program successfully simulates a classroom environment with their engaging and immersive online learning platform. 

The course is priced at £19,200. Applications must be submitted by the 10th of August 2022. If you would like more information on the course or would like to apply, click here.  

Skillsme Academy Storytelling Course 

Do you aspire to be a powerful leader? Or perhaps you want to lead through charisma and connection? Even if you’re not a natural leader, you can learn to uncover your potential through the Storytelling Course by Skillsme Academy. In the course, you will learn to utilise stories to accomplish objectives and capture the attention of others. 

Skillsme’s Storytelling Course is both academic and practical. Award-winning public speaker and founder of Skillsme Academy Diana Robertson hosts the lessons on Zoom. Classes are from 18:30-19:30 on Wednesdays (UK timing). For an engaging experience, classes are capped to 20 participants.

The course costs £149 and includes up to 7 hours of virtual practice and 3 hours of video instruction. There is no risk in attending the first session; if you decide not to continue, you will be fully refunded. 

If you’re in a different time zone than the UK, this time zone converter may help you to determine your class hours.

Cambridge Women Leading Change Short Course 

This online course focuses on the challenges women encounter and strategies to overcome inequality in society to create more female leaders. You will learn to influence and direct systemic change with the support of other women from around the globe. The course spans across eight weeks, and is priced at US $2992. You will be required to complete several online assignments in order to Upon completion the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership will award you a certificate of completion. 

Additional course information can be found on the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership website.